The end goal for the Audi A4 was to maintain a somewhat OEM+ feel to each aspect of this installation. Although this features a boot install which is clearly not something that would be fitted from factory, we ensured it was fitting with the rest of the vehicle's interior by not creating something too shouty and in your face. We took elements such as the gloss black inserts which can be found in the cabin and applied these details to the install, along with creating shapes that are quite angular, again, fitting with Audi's overall design style. In the boot area, we have a completely hidden air suspension install, accompanied by an Audison Voce 5.1k HD amplifier, Audison Bit One processor and an Audison Voce AV 10 subwoofer.

We removed the factory amplifier and in its place, installed an Audison Bit DMI so we could integrate into the vehicles MOST system and extract a clean digital signal which we can send straight to our Bit One processor. We have two main sources in this vehicle, the stock MMI and our iPad mini. We mounted the iPad mini in the dash using one of our iPad mini dash panels. The iPad mini also provides a digital signal which is transferred directly to the processor.

We ditched the unnecessary 10 speaker set up and went for a 5 speaker set up, choosing an active front stage and subwoofer. We disconnected the rear and centre channels and installed Audison Thesis 1.5 II Violino tweeters and Audison Voce AV 6.5 woofers. The woofers are mounted on custom made, angled speaker adapters and the tweeters in custom made sail panel pods, aimed on axis.

The vehicle has had extensive sound treatment to ensure we minimise any cancellation that may occur due to road noise and to ensure the speakers perform to their maximum potential. All the doors have had full inner and outer skin coverage using Skinz 2mm and 3mm sound deadener, along with Skinz 6mm beauty liner. This is the same for the entire floor of the vehicle, including the boot floor, spare wheel well and rear quarter panels.

The end result is simply fantastic, tonally accurate audio reproduction packed full of detail. The time alignment set using the Bit One processor has given us a true centre image with plenty of width and depth, allowing instruments to breathe and have their own defined space within the soundstage.

If you'd like to experience this full digital system, bookings are available for a demonstration.

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  • Full digital audio system
  • Audison Bit One processor
  • Audison Voce 5.1k HD amplifier
  • Audison Bit DMI
  • Audison Thesis 1.5 II violino tweeters
  • Audison Voce AV 6.5 speakers
  • Audison Voce AV 10 subwoofer
  • Audison DRC MP controller
  • Factory integration (MOST system)
  • IPad mini dash panel
  • Custom boot installation
  • Custom tweeter build
  • Extensive sound treatment