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The MK5 Golf V2 controller mount featured here is the first of a new line of products I've been working on which I'm finally able to share with everyone. Usually to make this particular product we would have to use one of our V2 controller mounts, order in a MK5 Golf ashtray and fabricate the two together. However the new line of products are one single moulded part, ready to fit and are a direct OEM replacement. This means that the custom work is completely cut out from the process so we can offer these at a lower price.

This is the start of a big change in the way some of our products are made, some products will have to be custom made to order still as our goal is to focus on the most popular vehicles. We have decided to start with the MK5 Golf V2 controller mount as this is by far the most popular install we get asked to do using our controller mounts.

For each vehicle we will offer all 3 types of controller mounts so the next step in this case is to create the 3H/ 3P and Accuair controller mounts for the MK5 Golf in the same location to ensure all bases are covered.

Once we have completed the MK5 Golf range we will move onto other vehicles and build our product range of 'off the shelf' parts.

The exciting thing about this range is that we will follow the same format with our tablet installs. Currently all of our tablet installs are custom made to order using our tablet dash panels and an OEM or aftermarket fascia. We will start by making iPad mini installs for the most popular vehicles that we get inquires for which will be one single moulded part. This range will not cover every vehicle, or every tablet, some will have to be made to order due to low demand or not being possible to manufacture. 


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