Audi R8 Stereo Upgrade

The RTA Audi R8 fascia & fitting kit has been designed, prototyped and manufactured entirely in-house.

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Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

As these two interfaces are becoming the norm in vehicles, the R8 is starting to feel a bit left behind. Whether you're an iPhone or Android user, upgrading to a stereo that uses these interfaces can transform the user experience in the vehicle.

The upgrade itself consists of removing the original stereo and replacing it with an aftermarket unit. Our fitting kit is used to mount the fascia to the vehicle securely, whilst maintaining an OEM appearance.

Along with this, we will use specific wiring harnesses that integrate into the factory cabling to ensure no modification to any original wiring. If the stereo chosen is DAB compatible, a DAB antenna will be fitted to the vehicle, along with the aftermarket microphone. The wiring harness used also ensures that the steering wheel controls remain functional and work with the aftermarket unit.

If an original reversing camera is present, we're able to integrate that into the aftermarket unit so it retains its functionality and displays an image on the screen, as it would from factory.

Complete upgrade kit

The fascia, fitting kit and wiring have been specifically designed to ensure there's ZERO modification to the vehicle when completing this upgrade.

Maintaining the vehicle's integrity was an important feature and we wanted to ensure the upgrade could be reversed back to standard if needed without a trace.

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Manufactured In-house

The Audi R8 fascia & fitting kit has been designed, prototyped and manufactured entirely in-house. We do not out source any manufacturing to ensure a consistent high standard of quality is maintained with every installation.

Installation Service

RTA Car Audio Double Din Fascia

Steering Wheel Control Retention

Complete Wiring Kit

Reversing Camera Retention (If Present)

DAB Antenna

AUX Port Replacement For USB Port

100% Reversible Back To Stock With No Modification During Installation

Installation time: Approx. 2-3hrs

All installations are carried out at our workshop facilities

*Price below does not include any stereos. Only parts and labour.


Ready to upgrade?

Please use the contact form below and include as much vehicle information as possible, along with which of the stereo's you're interested in using.