Airlift Performance 3P/ 3H Universal Controller Mount

Airlift Performance 3P/ 3H Universal Controller Mount

rta fabrication

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This is a mount specifically designed to mount your Airlift Performance 3P/ 3H controller into your vehicle. The mount is designed to be cut down and fabricated into an interior trim of your choice.

The mount features cut lines on the backside of the overhang to quickly trim the kit down to a closer working size, whilst keeping the cuts parallel to the mount. Simply score along the cut line with a blade and snap off the excess. Each line is offset 5mm from the previous line, and there are also alignment lines intersecting these for alignment when fabricating into the desired trim.

Please note: This item is manufactured to order and will be dispatched within 2-3 days of your order being placed.


*** Fabrication skills required

*** Airlift Performance 3P/ 3H controller is NOT included in this sale.